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Laser cutting

/media/services/library/serv_laser.jpgDemand for laser cutting is growing strongly because of its many advantages over traditional processes like drilling, slotting and machining:

  • Virtually any shape can be machined on both ends of a tube and along its length.
  • Components can be produced in a single step, on a single machine, automatically.
  • Traditional machining operations can be eliminated from the manufacturing process.
  • Eliminating these multiple steps also eliminates the accumulative error associated with consecutive manufacturing process, and all the handling time.
  • Direct labour and cycle times can be cut dramatically.
  • Designers are free to use their creativity and innovation in product design and manufacture without adding cost.
  • Closer tolerances and better repeatability shortens assembly times.
  • Prototypes can be produced in a fraction of the time.
  • Tooling costs and jig costs are slashed.


/media/services/library/prod_laser2.jpgOur in-house laser cutting machine can cut:

  • mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper alloys
  • tubes and open sections such as angles and channels
  • finished parts up to 4500 mm long
  • circular tubes up to 152.4 mm dia, square tubes up to 120 x 120 mm, and rectangular tubes up to 100 x 140 mm