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pre galv

ERW aluminised, perforated and pre-galvanized

We are the biggest stockholder of aluminised and perforated tubes in the UK, and supply many of the leading exhaust manufacturers.  Our aluminised tubes are made from strip to BS EN 10154 grade DX53D for standard applications, and grade DX54D for applications requiring better yield and elongation.

We stock both semi-bright and aluminised perforated tubes in pattern 6011, with other patterns available to order.

Our pre-galvanized tubes are made from galvanized strip, with the weld area re-coated as standard.


Our standards:

  • BS EN 10305-3 from strip to BS EN 10154 DX53D & DX54D

Our size range:

  • Aluminised 31.75 x 1.2 to 152.4 x 2.0
  • Perforated 31.75 x 1.2 to 76.2 x 1.5
  • Pre-galvanized 19.05 x 1.5 to 50.8 x 1.5

Our services:

  • Laser cutting
  • Saw cutting
  • Deburring
  • Washing